American College Arcus ®
Does American College Arcus® offer scholarships or grants?
Is American College Arcus® a legally certified and recognized institution?
What are the costs of attending American College Arcus®, and what is the payment schedule?
What is the cost of the entrance exam?
When is the entrance exam offered?
What is the entrance test like?
Is there a final exam for 8th class?
How does a student apply for attendance at American College Arcus®?
When is the deadline for applying for admission to American College Arcus®?
What documents should I submit when I apply?
What support does the school offer to parents and students?
How can I apply for admission to American College Arcus®, after having completed the 8th grade elsewhere?
Are there lodgings available for students who are not naturally residing in Veliko Turnovo?
How is American College Arcus® different from other schools?
What are the facilities that the Dormitory offers?
Where is American College Arcus® Dormitory situated?
What are the conditions for studying on the premises?
What are the steps to apply for a room there?
What is the control over students’ behavior in the Dormitory? Is there a curfew hour?
What are the rent and the deadline for its payment?
What are the procedures to leave the Dormitory?