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American College Arcus- innovative school, combining the standards of the national and the IB educational program!

Important information

Tuition Fee

Dear clients,  

We are pleased to remind you that the tuition fee at American College Arcus for the first term of education in the academic year 2020/2021 is due no later than 17.07.2020

Admission after 7th grade with the results from National External Assessment

 American College Arcus opens an Admission session for students who have completed 7th grade after the results from the National External Assessment in the following profiled classes: 

  • VІІІB classSoftware and hardware sciences; 

  • VІІІC classNatural Sciences; 

  • VІІІD classDigital operation systems and machines 

The candidates should have a score of at least 58 points for the National External Assessment exams in Bulgarian Language and mathematics.  

Rules for distance learning

 Dear teachers, students and parents, It is necessary for you to be familiar with the following rules:

Order for distance learning in PSHS American College Arcus Ltd

We encourage the students and parents to become familiar with the content of the attached order.

Contacts of teachers at American College Arcus Ltd.

Teachers' emails:

Bank accounts

For paying tuition fees:

Bank accounts of PSHS American College Arcus Ltd.:

BGN - IBAN: BG56 STSA 9300 0024 5340 68  BIC: STSABGSF

EURO - IBAN: BG34 STSA 9300 0024 5340 76   BIC: STSABGSF


For paying dormitory rent:

Bank accounts of PSHS American College Arcus AD:

BGN - IBAN: BG83 STSA 9300 0020 4567 69  BIC: STSABGSF

EURO - IBAN: BG02 STSA 9300 0020 4567 72   BIC: STSABGSF


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Уважаеми г-н Директор, скъпи преподаватели, съученици и гости на тържеството, Изправена тук, пред вас в този значим за нас ден, искам да хвърля поглед назад към миналото и да акцентирам върху няк ...

За подемната сила не на вятъра, а на мечтата...
Реч, произнесена на дипломирането на випуск 2020
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