School Uniform

Students at American College Arcus are proud to wear the school uniform. The College’s uniform is an every-day outfit suitable for curricular and co-curricular activities. It assists students’ in making a proper choice of clothing for school as well as upholds the value we place on academic life, i.e. students are encouraged to seek being distinct on the basis of their acquired knowledge rather than on their appearance.

 School uniform - boys

 The school uniform for boys includes:

  1. A suit – jacket and trousers
  2. Two white shirts
  3. A tie
  4. An additional pair of trousers
  5. *Plain black shoes
  6. *A black belt with a buckle of up to 4 cm in diameter

                *Provided by student


School uniform - girls

 The school uniform for girls includes:

  1. A suit – a jacket and a skirt    (NB - the skirt may not be shortened)
  2. Two white shirts
  3. A tie
  4. A pair of trousers
  5. *Plain black shoes with a heel of up to 3 cm in height
  6. *A black belt with a buckle of up to 4 cm in diameter
  7. *Plain black or beige tights without patterns or designs

                *Provided by student



  1. In  hot weather students are allowed to wear plain white T-shirts instead of shirts
  2. It is acceptable to combine items of school uniform from previous academic yearIt is absolutely forbidden to be present in the classroom wearing the following items of clothing:
    1. Sweatshirt with colour different from dark blue or black. The sweatshirt cannot have any types of logo or other brand features;
    2. 3/4 socks up to the knee;
    3. shortened trousers over the ankle
    4. Boots which have a length covering the knee and above;
    5. T-shirts with colour different from white classic T-shirt with no brand featuress