The history of American College Arcus®  started in 2002, when ARCUS Co. bought the building of one of the first schools in the old Bulgarian capital. The building, constructed at the end of the 19th century, had seen the efforts of many generations of patriotic teachers,  began a new life as the owners set themselves the task of creating a new type of school, which was to offer a high-quality, modern and internationally-acknowledged education to Bulgarian children. All the premises were renovated, a new storey was added with additional educational and administrative rooms, and a conference hall was built for educational as well as for co-curricular activities. The facade was renovated as well, while the yard became a wonderful place for relaxation.

Thus, American College Arcus® welcomed its first students in 2003. They were educated by highly-qualified teachers in small classes, in modern classrooms, surrounded by a quiet and clean environment. In addition to these factors, strict interior regulations, the constant dialogue with parents and the students'  high personal motivation contributed to the achievements. These factors remain a vital part of the success of our students who have followed in their footsteps.  Since 2005, scholarships have been offered which give candidates with high results in the spring competitions and admission exams the opportunity to become students in the college with a reduced tuition. In 2008, the school expanded its facilities by opening a modern dormitory for the needs of the students coming from outside Veliko Tarnovo. The administration and the faculty have been persistently ambitious in pursuing the highest quality education, and has resulted in achieving a great number of national and international accreditations during the past years. Here is their list in chronological order:

  • May 2004 – ISO certification 9001-2000 for quality of education;
  • April 2005 – accreditation by ECIS – European Council of International Schools;
  • April 2005 – accreditation by CIS – Council of International Schools;
  • February 2007 – accreditation by IBO – International Baccalaureate Organization preparing students for the IBO International Diploma Programme;
  • November 2009 – accreditation by NEASC – New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

These prestigious accreditations prove that the faculty of American College Arcus® continue to work for confirmation of national and international standards for quality of education. In this respect, the additional qualification of teachers in prestigious schools in Greece, Germany, Romania, and Great Britain is encouraged. All this is at the root of our students’ achievements, which are difficult to enumerate. However, the most important must be mentioned. On a national level they are:

  • In 2006 Zornitza Todorova from 9th grade was second in the First National English Language Olympiad;
  • In 2007 Zornitsa Todorova from 10th grade came first in the National English Language Olympiad;
  • In 2007 Alexander Raychev from 9th grade came first in the National Photographic Competition “Take a Picture of Europe”;
  • In 2009 Eleonora Stoynova from 12th grade became a laureate of the National Bulgarian Language and Literature Olympiad;
  • In 2009  Marta Georgieva from 12th grade qualified and took part in the National Bulgarian Language and Literature Olympiad;
  • In 2009 Denitsa Mitsova from 8th grade qualified and took part in the National English Language Olympiad;
  • In 2010 Stanislav Lambrev from 10th qualified and took part in the National English Language Olympiad.
  • In 2011 Leda Kuneva from 8 was the only student from Veliko Tarnovo region, who qualified for the National round of the Olympiad in English.
  • In 2011 Harry Bogdanov from grade 9 qualified for the National Olympiad in Mathematical Linguistics, which took place on 6th and 7th May in Silistra.
  • Erik Kostadinov won 1st place in the Essay contest organized by the US Embassy in Sofia. He received his award on June 28th, 2011.
  • In 2013 Leda Kuneva and Anelia Petrova from 10 a qualified for the National round of the Olympiad in English. For the first time our school has two representatives at a national level. In the National round Anelia took 6th place.
  • In 2013 Elena Mileva from 8 a qualified for the National Olympiad in Mathematical Linguistics, which took place on 21 and 22th April in Plovdiv.


Since the introduction of the obligatory matriculation exams in 2008, American College Arcus® has been among the best schools in the district rating of the Ministry of Education, and in 2009 the College achieved the highest average results in the district – Excellent 5.50. During the next academic years our students continued to achieve high results in the State Matriculation exams - for 3 consecutive years (2011, 2012 and 2013) they ranked first among the schools in the region of Veliko Tarnovo. Class of 2012 achieved the greatest success so far, taking 7th place in the Bulgarian Language and Literature exam in the whole country. 

         Our students' international achievements are of great importance, too.  It is already a tradition for the College students to win one-year educational scholarships in Friedrich Schiller High School in Marbach, Germany. Among them are Rada Moneva, Berta Terzieva and Kaloyan Erusalimov. Thanks to their solid preparation in both diploma programmes – national and international (IB) - most American College Arcus® alumni apply for, are admitted to and study in the most prestigious universities in the USA, Great Britain, Germanyand Canada, and they are granted partial or full scholarships. Some examples:

  • IB student Ivona Ruseva, was admitted directly as a second-year student in Medicine at the University of Glasgow
  • Zornitsa Todorova, is a scholarship student in Logistics at Jacobs University, Bremen
  • Valeriya Yonova, admitted to the University of British Columbia, Canada with a Rector Scholarship.

Our students are future doctors, lawyers, IT specialists and economists. They have the opportunity to get to know the world and to orient themselves about their future even before they finish high school. The American College Arcus® faculty encourage this by involving them in extracurricular civic activities ( ‘Faith and Love’ Charity Club) and clubs connected with science, art and sport (Science Club, United Nations Discussion Club, International ECO Club SPARE, Yoga Club, Photo Club, Art Club, volleyball, basketball and table-tennis teams) as well as by organizing excursions in Bulgaria and abroad. Throughout the years our students have visited Austria, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, USA, Turkey and Malta and many of these journeys have been financed as a result of participation in international projects. Ski holidays in Bansko and the research excursions to Rozhen have already become annual and traditional activities.

     These are only the first pages of our 10-year history. The next pages we are about to write together…