The library currently contains more than 12,000 volumes and is constantly acquiring new materials. Materials are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew. The school subscribes to 12 periodicals in Bulgarian, English and German. Every effort is made to ensure and support the addition of new books and educational resources for the library. Apart from the funds which the school allocates for the purchase of new books from both Bulgarian and foreign publishers, the library welcomes donations from individuals and companies.

Textbooks and reference materials which students need in the course of their studies are provided by the library on an on-loan basis. Their value is included in the tuition fee. All course books and reference materials have been carefully selected to be in sync with the latest trends in education on a national and international level.

The library provides permanent Internet access through a modern self-study center equipped with  fourteen state-of-the-art computers. When necessary, the self-study center can be used as a computer lab for the Computer Science classes.

The library contains an office machine incorporating a scanner, printer and photocopier. The librarian is authorized to operate it, providing for the needs of the administrative and academic staff.  Students have access to a similar multifunctional device in the Photocopier Center, located in the main foyer.