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American College Arcus - number 1 in the Matriculation exams in the Veliko Tarnovo region for 2017!

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Bank accounts

The new bank accounts of "American College Arcus®" are:

in BGN: DSK - Veliko Tarnovo

in Leva: IBAN: BG83 STSA 9300 0020 4567 69  BIC: STSABGSF

in EURO: DSK - Veliko Tarnovo

IBAN: BG02 STSA 9300 0020 4567 72   BIC: STSABGSF

Beneficiary: American College Arcus SA


World Book and Copyright Day
On 23 April 2018, students of American College Arcus Ltd. celebrated the World Book and Copyright Day, as the event was organized by "Helikon" boo ...

An exciting journey into the world of art
On 19.04.2018, the art club members at the American College Arcus Ltd. took part in various creative activities during their club classes. The stu ...

An open lesson in the Court
Students from 10th grade together with their philosophy teacher Ivanichka Slavcheva managed to visit the Administrative Court in Veliko Tarnovo th ...

Bulat Germanov –  laureate of the National Russian language Olympiad
Bulat Germanov – an IB student in 12th grade, at PSHS American College Arcus Ltd., became this year's laureate of the National Russian langu ...

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Интервю с актьора Леонид Йовчев
Кристина Алексиева

Интервю с актьора Леонид Йовчев, гостувал на сцената на ЧПГ „Американски колеж Аркус“ ЕООД на 27.03.2018 г. по случай Международния ден на театъра. -  Може ли да кажете няколко д ...

Маргарита Караиванова IXa

ЗЕМЯТА, ВЯРАТА И КРЪВТА – СТОЖЕРИ НА ЕТНИЧЕСКАТА ОБЩНОСТ   Земята, вярата и кръвта – стожери на етническата общност. Земята, вярата и кръвта – символи на обединението. Зем ...