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American College Arcus - top 10 school in the Matriculation exams in Bulgaria for 2015!

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Bank accounts

The new bank accounts of "American College Arcus®" are:

in BGN: DSK - Veliko Tarnovo

in Leva: IBAN: BG83 STSA 9300 0020 4567 69  BIC: STSABGSF

in EURO: DSK - Veliko Tarnovo

IBAN: BG02 STSA 9300 0020 4567 72   BIC: STSABGSF

Beneficiary: American College Arcus SA

Christmas Charity Ball 2015

The sum raised for the Christmas Charity Ball 2015 is 1850 lv. We'd like to thank the organizers for the wonderful job they did and are looking ...




A Trip to Stara Zagora

The students from the 9th grades visited Stara Zagora. They saw the Regional Historical Museum, the Art Gallery and afterwards they watched Sta ...



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Star Wars
Yavor Aleksiev 11 IB

Star Wars is a global franchise that has its roots stuck in the hearts of people from all the generations since the 1970s. Its audience is composed of hundreds of millions of people fr ...


Amazing facts about Christmas
Yavor Aleksiev 11 IB

The Date

At first Christmas was not a remarkable holiday. The Church tried to set the date of the Birth of Christ in 200 BC for the first time, when the theolo ...