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American College Arcus - number 1 in the Matriculation exams in the Veliko Tarnovo region for 2013!

Important information
New bank accounts

The new bank accounts of "American College Arcus®" are:

in BGN: DSK - Veliko Tarnovo

in Leva: IBAN: BG83 STSA 9300 0020 4567 69  BIC: STSABGSF

in EURO: DSK - Veliko Tarnovo

IBAN: BG02 STSA 9300 0020 4567 72   BIC: STSABGSF

Beneficiary: American College Arcus SA

Internet-based TOEFL

The dates of the Internet-based TOEFL tests (TOEFL iBT) for the second half of 2014:

25.10.2014 - 11.00 a.m.

29.11.2014 - 11.00 a.m.

All candidates must report at the center by 10.30 a.m. and bring proof of identification.

TOEFL iBT courses

American College Arcus® organizes TOEFL iBT courses:
Duration: 40 hours
Time: at weekends
Beginning: every first weekend of the month
Cost: 300BGN
Registration: 062/61-99-59 Valentina Nikolova

American College Arcus teacher of History wins second place

Pavli Atanasov, teacher of History at American College Arcus, won second place in the competition organised to celebrate the 30th anniversary o ...


The Clubs Have Started Their Activities

On 3rd October, 2014, the leaders of all clubs presented their activities to the students, who can make their choice by October 13th.


International Music Day

The students from 11 IB made an exhibition to mark 1st October - International Music Day. During the breaks the students listened to samples of ...


Young Teachers Project

The members of the Young Teachers Club are continuing their work with the 1st and 2nd graders from Dimitar Blagoev Primary School.


Opening ceremony 2014/2015

The new academic year started on 15th September, 2014. Daniel Simeonov from 9 b received the Aneta Karaivanova Scholarship from Libertarianstvo ...


e-Paper American College Arcus Digest
Историята на един търсач на вълшебства
Публикуваме отличения разказ на Ивон Пенова в националния литературен конкурс „ИСТОРИЯТА НА ЕДИН ТЪРСАЧ НА ВЪЛШЕБСТВА”
Ивон Пенова, Х а клас

„Вълшебствата започват в сънищата и свършват там, където никой не си спомня вече за тях.” ,това бяха последните думи на моя болен и стар дядо, когато се сбогувахме в болницата. След ...


Размисли преди Великден за доброто
От Анна-Мария Пейкова, ІХ а

Благотворителността е един висш акт на човешката дейност. Тази дейност е позната в различни форми и не винаги се свързва задължително с нещо материално. Народът е казал: ”Благата дума-жел ...